PSP Hacking 101


PSP Hacking 101

Below you will find all the files you need to put a custom firmware on any PSP!

It will need modification for the PSP Go, but all the files should be there.

You can download the starter pack here.

This is a RAR archive, you will need to extract it. You can use 7zip, WinRAR, IZArc, whatever archive program you’d like.

Once extracted move the contents of this folder to the root of your PSP memory stick.

If your PSP is not on 6.61 already

Navigate to /PSP/GAME/ and rename the UPDATE folder to something else. E.g. UPDATEINFINITY.

Then rename the UPDATE661 folder to UPDATE and eject and place the memory stick in the PSP.

Navigate to the memory stick under the Game menu. Open it and run the 6.61 update.

Once this is done remove the memory stick and and rename the UPDATE folder back to UPDATE661 and rename UPDATEINFINITY (or whatever you named it) back to UPDATE.

If your PSP is already on 6.61 OFW

Simply nagivate to the Memory stick option in the Game menu on the PSP.

Start by installing Infinity. Run it and press X to install. It should exit and reboot when done. If your PSP boots to a black screen don’t worry it’s not bricked.

Infinity just doesn’t know what to do on launch. Turn the PSP all the way off and boot it while holding HOME to boot OFW.

You can verify it’s installed by going to System Settings > System Information. You should see an Infinity symbol next to the system version.

Note if you booted holding home it will not show this, as Infinity isn’t loaded in safe mode.

Then you can install whichever CFW you’d like from the same Game menu. If you want all 3, then I’d recommend installing PRO-C first, then ARK-4, then LME.

All you need to do to install them is start the relevant installer/loader from the game menu.

E.g. to install ARK-4 run ARK Loader from the Game menu, to install LME run LME Installer, to install PRO-C run Pro Update.

Once it is installed, open Infinity again and press left, you should see the different CFW modules listed.

Select the one you want to start on boot, and press X to enable it. You should see an * next to it showing it’s enabled.

Once that is done you can press home and X to exit and reboot.

Then the PSP should start the CFW automatically on boot. If you want to change later you can relaunch Infinity and select another CFW.

I have noticed on some CFW Infinity will crash on launch. If that happens, just boot holding home to boot OFW. Then launch Infinity again and it should work.

Okay now that you have CFW installed,

ISO files go inside their relevant category folder in

  • /ISO/CAT_XXX/CCC.iso/cso

They cannot be inside another folder.

PSX games go in the following location ( replace SCUS94564 with the game name or gameID of the relevant game )


Emulators go in

  • /PSP/GAME/CAT_09Emulators

And you can find the relevant rom folders inside the emulator folder, except for Daedalus which uses the /N64/ folder on the root of the drive.

Homebrew goes in

  • /PSP/GAME/CAT_11Homebrew

You can use the PSP Homebrew Sort Tool to organize how your homebrew/PSX games/ISO appear on the VSH. E.g. sort them alphabetically and such. This is separate to caregories lite, which will add sections to the VSH. But the items in the section will by default still be sorted by their age/modification date.

You can download the tool here.