Little Green Bastard Truck

LGBT ( Little Green Bastard Truck )

Ingredient %
Guanabana (Flavorah) 3.00
Kiwi (FA) 2.50
Super Sweet (CAP) 0.50
Sweet Guava (CAP) 4.00

Flavor total: 10%

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This is my slight change to Green Bastard for MTL setups.

I developed this for my Kayfun Lite 2019.

Tested with an 8 wrap 26g SS316L 3mm ID coil. 215°C at 18.5 watts.

I found the 2x ( pod ) version to be too much. It just didn’t keep the balance of the original. So I tweaked it and this is what I ended up with. It’s really good out of a Kayfun, and it should be great out of other MTL setups as well. If you give it a try please let me know how you liked it!

Green Bastard by Yippyo

…From Parts Unknown.

So I just got Guanabana (FLV) to try out the All Day recipe (highly recommend BTW) and wow this flavor is amazingly complex. I love it! Anyway I was just messing around and wanted to create my own recipe with it. After a bit of picking I decided on Kiwi (FA) & Sweet Guava (CAP). I found that these flavors are similar, but have enough character to stand out on their own. Mixed this up and wow. It’s perfect as is. Very sweet & juicy tropical fruit profile. Reminds me most of a Starfruit. Mix and enjoy!

Flavor Comments Guanabana (FLV): Originally wanted this to be the star of the recipe, but after mixing and trying it I found it’s most present on the finish.

Kiwi (FA): This flavor is actually the most present in this recipe, even at only 2%. Meshes very well with the Guanabana & Guava.

Sweet Guava (CAP): This is meant really just to pair with the Guanabana but it actually adds quite a bit of character by itself. I believe it is also the main source of sweetness

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