Ingredient %
Bavarian Cream (DX) (TPA) 1.00
Carmel (caramel) (FA) 1.00
Cured Tobacco (Flavorah) 4.00
Shisha Vanilla (INAWERA) 2.00
Sweetener (FW) 0.50

Flavor total: 8.5%

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This is my twist on Cubanamel by TheFogVLOG.

I liked the original but I wanted more caramel/vanilla out of it when I was vaping on my Kayfun. So I upped them all by 0.5%

Now it’s a thick dark sweet dessert tobacco.

Goes great with coffee in the morning.

You can use the original TPA Bavarian Cream or the DX. I’ve tried both and I actually like the DX a little better in this mix.

You should add sweetener to preference. The original has 0.15% Cap SS, I normally use 0.5% FW Sweetener myself in MTL mixes I want to be very sweet.

Cubanamel by TheFogVLOG

Tested out of a Kayfun Lite 2019, 26g SS316L 3mm ID 8 wraps, TC at 215°C 18.5w

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